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Hello Everybody! My name is Mauro and i am a writing addicted. I can’t stay away for more than a couple of days from a pen and a piece of paper without losing my mind! I write about society, heroes, starting a new life and being a blogger in the 21st century and fashion. Anyway, i don’t let myself locked in these only four field. I will add more topic, just give me the time to teach myself! Ready to see the magic?

What i am talking about in My Blog!

Blogging Career – How to become Successful!

Every Monday – A collection of crucial thing you need to know if you want to be a good blogger.

How to have an Happy Relatioship!

Every Tuesday – In you really want to be happy in love, This Part of my blog is exactly what you need.

Starting a new life!

Every Wednesday – Are you tired of your job? This Part is made exactly for you.

Uncelebrated Heroes!

Every Thursday – In this world there are extraordinary people. This space is only for them.

Society in every shape!

Every Friday – I take a look of the world around me and i share my thoughts in this space in my blog!

Fashion from a very different perspective!

Every Saturday –This part of my blog is dedicated to Fashion from my personal perspective.

Daily Prompt! – A collection of daily thoughts!

Everyday – Everything WordPress asks me it’s here in this part of my blog. It can be everything.